Arbuthnott, Bervie and Kinneff (Church of Scotland).  Registered Charity Number SC009239

Arbuthnott, Bervie and Kinneff Church 
Serving the communities of Arbuthnott, Bervie, Gourdon and Kinneff

Parish Poetry Competition

Our Church organises an annual poetry competition.  The 2013 Parish Poetry Competition was themed ‘In the Kitchen.’


2013 Winner


Our Kitchen


John Gillespie


Pasta bake;

Strawberry shake.



Fish and chips;

Savoury dips.



Some succulent delights from our kitchen.


Devon scones;

Sicilian prawns.

Indian curry

made in a hurry.

Fresh French beans –

(and some from Heinz)

Chinese dishes;

Atlantic fishes

It’s a wonderful world in our kitchen.


We’ve got lots

of pans and pots;

there’s sandwich toasters

and gourmet roasters,

sieves with holes,

pudding bowls,

gadgets galore

but nowhere to store

the “Things” we don’t need in our kitchen.


Recipe books,

and too many cooks,

a frozen food mountain;

a chocolate fountain,

there’s tins and jars

ready-meals from Mars.

What’s that shout?

“We’re going straight out”

there’s no time to cook in our kitchen!


2012 Winner


Sea Moods


Sheila Moir


Waves lapping lazily,

Sun shining hazily,


Clouds hanging peacefully,

Boats drifting gracefully,


Birds soaring up above,

Kids splashing full of love,


Clouds frowning glowering,

Waves building towering,


Sea biting hungrily,

Wind blowing angrily,


Foam flying way up high,

Mist merging into sky,


Sun hiding out of sight,

Birds cower scared of flight,


Bold rainbow arches o’er,

God’s promise to restore.